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Adding a Shortcut to Your Android Home Screen - Android OS Tips and Tricks

Just like on your personal computer it’s possible to add shortcuts to your Android desktop or home screen as its commonly called for certain things like programs or in the case of Android devices, applications. The process to create a shortcut is even quite similar between a PC and an Android device. Then once you have your favorite apps as shortcuts on your home screen then you won't have to go searching around the menu to find them whenever you need to use one of them. Keep in mind that you can only fit so many shortcuts on your home screen so choose wisely!

The first step in creating a shortcut is to go to the home screen that you want to put the shortcut on since the Android OS lets you have multiple home screens. Then you would long hold on a blank area of the home screen until you get to the Add to Home screen option. This may look different depending on your device but it should be a similar procedure. Then from this menu tap on Shortcuts.

Android Shortcuts

Next you will get the Select shortcut menu with the various choices of what type of shortcuts you can make. This will vary depending on what apps you have installed on your device etc. You have choices such as applications, bookmarks, contacts, music playlists, settings and so on.

Android Shortcuts

For example if you chose to make a shortcut for a Contact then you would be brought to your contacts where you would tap on the contact name you wanted to add to your home screen. Then after you chose that contact you would see a shortcut on your home screen for that contact.

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Android Shorcuts

If you want to get rid of the shortcut simply long hold on that icon and drag it to the trash can that appears.

Android Shortcuts

Now it's time to get to creating some of your own home screen shortcuts!


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