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Add an Email Account to your Android Device - Android OS Tips and Tricks

Android smartphones and tablets do so many things and sending and receiving email is one of them. You can check email from pretty much any of your email accounts through your Android device whether it’s a webmail account or an account you setup through your device itself.

There are several types of email accounts you can add to your Android device. The most common is a Gmail account since it’s pretty much a requirement to get the most out of your phone or tablet but that's definitely not your only option.

There are 2 places where you can add an email account and the procedure will vary depending on what type of account you want to add. If you go to Settings and then Accounts and sync you will see the accounts that are setup on your device. This is where you can configure syncing options for your accounts as well.

Android Email Accounts

To add a new account, simply tap on Add account to get to the account type choices. You will have several account types to choose from such as a Corporate account, Twitter, Facebook and Google. Your options may vary depending on your device and version of the Android OS. Corporate accounts are usually for work email accounts where you will log into an email server such as a Microsoft Exchange Server.

Android Email Accounts

Once you decide the type of account you want to add just follow the prompts and fill in the required information such as username and password. For Corporate accounts you may have to get some of the configuration settings such as server name and domain information from your network administrator

If you want to add another type of email account such as a Yahoo POP3 account then find the Email icon in your listing of apps and open it up. You will be prompted to enter your email address and password.

Android Email Setup

If you tap the Manual setup button you can choose what type of account your email account uses such as POP3, IMAP or Exchange. Even if you just tap on next you are most likely going to get to the same screen.

Android Email Account Types

Then you will be prompted to fill in the user and server settings for your incoming server. You may have to look up this information online if you don’t know it off hand. If you use this email account with an email client such as Outlook then you can get your server settings from the account properties of you email client.

Android Incoming Server Settings

When you tap on Next it will check your server settings. Then you will have to fill in the outgoing server settings and your device will check these settings as well.

Android Outgoing Server Settings

Next you will be prompted as to how often to check your email, whether or not to use this account to send email by default and if you want to be notified when you email arrives or not.

Android Account Options

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Finally you can give your new account a name and add your name to be shown on outgoing email messages.

Android Email Setup

Then tap on done and you are finished. You will then be shown your new email. If you press your menu key you will have options to view your folders and change your account settings.

Android Inbox


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