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Performing a Factory Reset on Your Android - Android OS Tips and Tricks

Just like computers, it's possible for your smartphone or tablet to start having problems where it doesn't work correctly or locks up on you for no reason. When this happens with your computer, many times you are forced to format the drive and reinstall the operating system if nothing else will fix the problem. Smartphones and tablets can have the same issues and it you may have to do the same thing to it in order to get it working properly again although the process to do so is different and some would say easier than on a computer.

It is possible to do a reset of your Android device back to its factory settings for reasons such as giving the device to someone else or donating it to a charity. You may also want to reset your Android to clean it up if you have a lot of apps and custom settings that you don't want anymore and just want it back the way it was when you bought it. Some people reset their Android to get some performance back that was lost after installing apps and changing configurations etc.

Doing a Factory Reset on Your Android will erase all your apps, settings, emails and contacts stored on the phone and so on. If you use Google to backup your data it will put your contacts back on your phone after the reset and reinstall any free apps you got from the Android Market automatically. To avoid having the apps restored automatically you can skip the Gmail setup when asked when you first start your phone. You can add your Google account manually in the system settings later on.

To reset your Android go to Settings, and then privacy. Tap the option for Factory Data Reset. Then tap on Reset phone to confirm. Your phone will reboot and when it comes back up it will be at the factory default configuration. Make sure you have backed up any important data to your SD card of computer before doing this procedure.

Android Factory Reset

Android Factory Reset

This reset does not affect any data stored on your SD card so that information will be safe. If you plan on getting rid of the phone you can also wipe your SD card as well. To format your SD card go to SD card & phone storage settings from the main settings area. Then tap on Unmount SD card and wait for it to unmount your SD card. Next tap on Format SC card to wipe it clean. Some devices seem to have issues doing this procedure so if you can attach your device to your computer then you should be able to format your SD card from your PC.

Android Factory Reset


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