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iPhone getting some of its share back from Android - Android News

Posted: January 19, 2012 -

In the battle for smartphone supremacy it seems as though Android and Apple have left everyone else in the dust. For a while it seemed that Android would be leaving Apple in the dust as well with its recent huge leaps in market share. This leap can also be contributed to the multitude of Android based smartphones compared to the single iPhone.

But ever since the recent iPhone 4S came out it seems as though Android may have its market share threatened by its number one competitor. Within the last 3 months almost half of smartphone buyers chose the iPhone over Android or any of the other choices out there. According to a Nielsen survey, out of these purchases within the last 3 months, 44.5% bought an iPhone compared to 25% back in October.

This is most likely because of the new features of the iPhone 4s, specifically the Siri voice recognition assistant that is the highlight of the new smartphone. Rather than come out with an iPhone 5, apple decided to release an upgraded iPhone 4 and call it the 4s. This didn't go over well some diehard fans but the 4s has been a big hit anyway. In its first weekend Apple sold 4 million of the 4S phones, doubling iPhone 4 sales.

Android is still on top when it comes to overall U.S. smartphone users with 46.3% compared to 30% belonging to iPhone owners in a survey from the 4th quarter of 2011. But in the last 3 months iPhone users have increased to 37% but at the same time Android users have risen to almost 52% which most likely means other manufactures such as Blackberry have been seeing losses. 60% of all cell phone purchases last quarter went to smartphones rather than feature phones. on Facebook on Google+