Top 8 Best Free Music Download Apps For Android In 2015

Top 8 Free Music Android Apps Download :If you are one of those whose favorite time pass is listening to music in their spare time, then you must have ever wondered if there is any good music app for your smartphone . Right ? Transferring songs from PC to smartphone is a boring job and no one wants to do this every time when a new music album releases. To make it simpler you have an option to download songs directly to your mobile phone by using a mobile internet connection. However, if you are using an android smartphone then there are music apps available in the Google play store that will do the job for you. There are many music apps available on Google play store. You can simply stream music online by using a good music app if you have a WIFI connection at your home or you also have an option to search and download your favorite songs easily so that you can listen to them offline as well.

best music download android apps

If you will just try to search for a music apps then the play store will show you a number of music apps and obviously all of those are not worthy enough. Some of those may just redirect you to the web browser to open link and some apps are made just to load your eyes with advertisements which is quite irritating . Right ? So I have decided to  feature top 8 best music apps for android devices.

Best Free Music Download Android Apps

  1. SoundCloud

    SoundCloud is like an ocean of audio. It has a huge collection of songs, podcasts and audio books. You can find your favorite song from the collection of millions of songs from trending, popular and emerging artists. You can simply call it as a You tube of Audio. Sound cloud is also a sharing platform which allows you to upload your own audio as well and it will be published for all of its other users.
    The build quality of the app is awesome with cool icons. Sound cloud is also a social media platform due to which you can share, like and comment on the songs. It also allows you to create playlists of your favorite songs.

    Download Sound Cloud From Play Store

  2. 4Shared Music

    4Shared is a must download app for serious music lovers as it allows you to download and stream music online as well right on your android gadget. You can explore, download and play your favorite songs by using this free android app. If in case you want to listen to the songs of a particular artist then you can also search songs by their artist name which gives the flexibility to the user.
    You can create playlists containing your favorite songs and manage them with ease. While listening to any song if you wish to download it then you can simply tap and hold for few seconds on the song title and you will be provided with the option to download it. You can also upload and stream yor favorite songs on 4Shared as the app also provides 15GB of free storage to upload songs.

    Download 4Shared Music From PlayStore

  3. Music Download Paradise

    Music Download Paradise Mp3 is one of those high rating music download android apps in play store which allows you to download songs from its millions of collections for free. The user interface of the app is sweet and simple. You can search and listen to copyleft music and MP3 songs. You can search for songs by their title,artists or by album and all for free.

    Download Music Download Paradise From Playstore

  4. RockMyRun

    As the name suggests, RockMyRun is a music app which is specially designed for joggers, runners and Gym freaks. It allows you to cache or download your favorite music for offline playback. It use its myBeat technology that can change the energy level of the music mixes to make it to tune with your body.
    It has a huge collection of DJ mixed music and you can easily explore and download your favorite ones for free. You can also share your favorite music track by using this music app.

    Download RockMyRun From Playstore

  5. GTunes Music Download

    Gtunes allows you to download millions of international songs for absolutely free. The app was formerly known as Simple MP3 Downloader. The feature that I personally love about this music app is it lets you to create your own customized ringtone from any song and you can set that particular ringtone for a particular contact. There are some songs which also have lyrics in its database, those songs are played with lyrics scrolling on the perfect timing. You can not just download apps by using this app but Gtunes Music download as a built-in music player that will allow you to play music on public domain sites.

    Download GTunes Music Download From PlayStore

  6. Gaana

    If you are a Bollywood music lover then Gaana is a must have android app in your smart phone. This is owned by Times Internet Limited group. It lets you to browse and listen millions of songs for free. The app has a stylish and cool user interface. You can login with facebook and Google to know the interests of your social media friends. The homescreen of the app is updated regularly with trending and popular playlists for you. You can also search for your favorite songs by their artists , album or movie.

    Download Gaana From PlayStore

  7. MP3 Music Download

    MP3 Music Download app is a tiny by powerful music app which is offered by CCP Softmedia. You can explore and download your favorite songs by the name of the song or by its artist name.

    Download MP3 Music Download From Playstore

  8. Mp3 Music Downloader

    Mp3 Music Downloader is a free and cool music app that lets you browse, play and download unlimited songs for free. You can download unlimited legal songs without any restrictions for absolutely free. It supports background music playback which will allows you perform multiple tasks at a time by listening to music as well at the same time. You can also browse songs located in your memory card from this app and play in its in-built music player. It lets you to create and manage playlists as well.

    Download MP3 Music Downloader From Playstore