Top 15 Free Hairstyle Apps For Android For Virtual Haircut Style

Have you ever wondered how beautiful you will look after wearing long hair ? Well, let me tell you no matter how beautiful you are but your hair will still give the first impression of your beauty. Its good to try several hairstyles for different occasions like pony tail etc but it would be a […]

Top 12 FM Transmitter Apps Android For Radio Streaming Online

If you are a music lover then you must love listening songs on FM transmitter app as well . Right ? Music doesn’t need to have sophosticated mp3 players to listen to songs but they all need is a simple music app which can full fill their requirements without much hassle. Most sophisticated smartphones sometimes […]

Top 12 Free Torrent Apps For Android

Torrents are one of the popular way to download large premium files. Using torrents on Windows or Mac is getting traditional these days as lots of free torrent apps are already their for android smartphones and tablets. If everything is getting mobile then why not torrents. There are many torrents apps available on Google playstore […]

Google Allo vs WhatsApp : Is Allo Better Than Whatsapp ?

Google has released its smart instant messaging app powered with AI and might give a tough competition to Whats app in future. The app has already started getting viral and many people are claiming it to be the Whatsapp killer but we will actually find out today in this post whether it will be able […]

Top 12 Free Music Player Apps For Android: 3D Mp3 Players

Music has an energy which can connect directly with our soul. Over the past 10 years, music devices have changed from bulky sound arrangements to sleek portable devices. Most of the people these days have android smartphones in their pockets so they don’t need to carry any extra device for music as their are already […]

Top 20 Music Downloader Apps For Android : Free Mp3 Download Apps

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Top 15 Free Wallpaper Apps For Android: HD Wallpapers Download

Wallpapers for android can make your android phone to look more cool and amazing. There are few amazing wallpaper apps for android which can fulfill your need and can help you in finding the right wallpapers or live wallpapers for android smartphone or tablet. With wallpapers apps, finding a right cool wallpaper/image for android is […]