Game Killer App: Download v3.11 Latest APK File For Android

Introducing you today with “Game killer APK” that allows you to hack in-app purchase items of offline games and other android applications from your android device. What Is Gamekiller App ? Gamekiller App is free android APK similar to Freedom APK, Creehack APK i.e. used for in-app purchase items. Game-killer android app used by Android […]

Top 8 Best Free Music Download Apps For Android In 2015

Top 8 Free Music Android Apps Download :If you are one of those whose favorite time pass is listening to music in their spare time, then you must have ever wondered if there is any good music app for your smartphone . Right ? Transferring songs from PC to smartphone is a boring job and no […]

Why Android Can Be A Better Business SmartPhone Than Blackberry ?

In the last decade, the Blackberry was the top business phone to have. It featured everything you needed to stay organized and on track. While you can still get a Blackberry, the Android is fast becoming the more popular choice for business people who need a quality phone. Here are some tips on how you […]

How To Import Bookmarks From PC To Android ?

If you are a regular Internet user on your home or work computer then I’m sure you have bookmarks or favorites that you use to keep track of your most commonly used websites. These bookmarks come in handy so you don’t have to remember all your favorite sites and can keep track of them all […]

Android Task Manager : Do I Need To Download A Third Party App ?

Applications for Android smartphones and tablets are notorious for not having any kind of close or exit feature. So when you go out of them back to your home screen for example the app stays running in the background. When the Android OS first came out there was no way to see these running tasks […]

How To Setup Gmail/Google Account In Android ?

Most people use their Android device to check their email. You can use your smartphone or tablet to check multiple email accounts whether it’s through webmail or an actual email account setup on your device. If there is one type of email account you will use on your Android device, it will be a Gmail […]

Live Wallpapers For Android Download

Almost everyone likes to customize their stuff whenever possible, especially when it comes to computers and other electronics. If you use a computer on a regular basis then I’m sure you have modified its settings to add your own personal touch to it with some sort of theme or background etc. Android devices allow you […]